ViewOnlyViewer Privacy Policy


This privacy policy specifies the handling of user information in ViewOnlyViewer (“this application”).

This application acquires the following user information via the application in order to achieve the following purposes.

  • Storage of the device on which this application is installed
    • To display the photos and the videos.

The acquired user information will be used only within this application installed on the device. As a function of this application, user information is not sent to the outside.

The user of this application can stop the acquisition of the above user information at any time by suspending the permission for this application on the device on which this application is installed. In that case, this application will not operate normally.

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Established December 2021

Engawa Programmer – Engawa Programming




  • 本アプリがインストールされた端末のストレージ
    • 写真やビデオを表示するため。




2021年12月 制定

Engawa Programmer – 縁側プログラミング